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  【Product Name】
Triphenylchlorosilane; P3;TPCS
  【CAS  No.】


  【Molecular Formula】  (C6H5)3SiCl
  【Physical & Chemical Properties】
    Appearance & Color: White lump crystal with acrid odor of hydrogen chloride 
Molecular Weight:294.85
Flash Point:>200°C
Melting Point:92°C 
Specific Gravity:N/A
Boiling Point:378°C
Refractive Index nD20 :N/A
  Grade A Grade B
Appearance White lump crystal with acrid odor of hydrogen chloride 
Purity ≥98.0% ≥95.0%
  【Package & Transportation】

N. W. 25KGs/PE drum, transported and stored as corrosive liquid(UN2987), avoid sun and rain exposure. Over the storage period 24 months should review, if qualified can use.

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