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Phenyl Siliconegum(HTV)
  【Product Name】 Phenyl Vinyl Methyl Silicone;Poly Dimethyl Diphenyl Vinyl Siloxane;
Phenyl Siliconegum; PVMQ
  【Molecular Formula】 High consisitency : [(CH3)2SiO]x[(C6H5)2SiO]Y[CH3C2H3SiO]Z[(CH3)3Si]2

Liquid : [C2H3(CH3)2Si]2O[(CH3)2SiO]m[(C6H5)2SiO]n



High consisitency :

Liquid  :

Appearance Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Phenyl Content(mol %) 5.0-25.0
Vinyl Content(mol  %) 0.10-0.35
Molecular Weight (10 thousand) 30-100

This product in addition to vinyl silicone rubber with a series of features, but also has excellent low temperature resistance, irradiation resistance, burning resistance and self-extinguishing. It is one of the important material of aerospace industry, cutting-edge technology. Can be used for all kinds of moulding and extrusion products, used in hardy and resistant to burning, heat aging and radiation resistant parts of the sealing ring, gasket, pipe, bar. Can also be used to manufacture all kinds of special purpose products, such as: making damping materials, pressure sensitive adhesive.

  【Package & Transportation】

N. W. 25KGS/Plastic drum, transported and stored as non-dangerous goods, avoid sun and rain exposure, isolated from fire, away from heat source. Over the storage period 3 years should review, if qualified can use.

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